How to increase your squat strength

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Hit a plateau? Bored of your current program? Want to see just how far you can push your squatting limits?! Give this percentage based squat program a shot!

Before diving into this program, you have to first determine what your One Rep Max is. This is the max amount of weight you can move for 1 rep. You will then use that amount to base your percentages off of for the rest of the program. This program is for experienced lifters and a spotter is required, especially for 1RM testing. If you attempt to 1RM test without a spotter it will be assumed you have a death wish! (Kidding.. kind of.)

“This time allows for your energy systems to recharge and for you to begin each set as fresh as possible so you can perform at your highest capacity, which in turn will create the biggest increase in strength.”