The Scoop On Protein

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Okay, lets start with the basics. Protein is one of three macronutrients that our body requires to function and preform everyday tasks. Complete proteins are an essential nutrient for our health. They play a crucial role in our health by building, maintaining and repairing muscle, skin, hair and bones. Protein is critical in the production of hormones and enzymes and is also required for key chemicals reactions to take place in the body such as digestion and energy production.

Protein is composed of small molecules called amino acids that are linked together. Some amino acids our body can produce on its own and others are “essential”, meaning our body cannot produce them on its own and they need to be consumed through our diet. Foods such as meats, yogurt, chickpeas, tofu, and protein powder, among others, are all different sources of protein we can consume through diet.

Difference Between Complete vs Incomplete Protein